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Storm Damage in Bent Tree, TX

This Bent Tree home suffered storm damage to their roof and garage after heavy storms swept throughout the city. SERVPRO of Bent Tree arrived to place tarps and board up the exposed parts of the house. 

Recent storm causes Bent Tree home to flood

During the last storm in Bent Tree a tree fell in this home owners back yard breaking the windows at the rear of the home.  As the rain fell, the water filled the floors of this living room quickly! SERVPRO of Bent Tree was able to get the water removed and the area dry quickly.

Spotting the Unseen Moisture

The water mitigation team here at SERVPRO of Bent Tree are trained at the expert level with the best equipment in the industry.  This shows how we use our specialty equipment to spot the unseen moisture so we can rid our customers of the damaging moisture in their homes.

Containment To Protect Your Home

Mold spores can be spread by airflow, so we put containment barriers like this in place to help prevent them from migrating. Containment used in conjunction with air filtration that pulls in positive pressure will keep mold spores from escaping.

Dealing With A Mold Problem

Mold can begin to grow quickly when moisture is present. A leak that goes unnoticed initially is enough to cause this problem. That is why it is important to deal with moisture as soon as you notice it.

Cabinet Mold Problem

When this home had a moisture problem that wasn't noticed right away, the mold in this cabinet began growing. We were able to address the moisture and remove the mold from the home quickly.

Mold Loss

This mold was a result of a moisture problem that wasn't noticed right away in Bent Tree. Our crew was on site quickly when we were called out to handle the cleanup and repair of the damage.

Professional Drying Equipment

SERVPRO has the right equipment for your storm restoration emergency.  The Recovery team is ready 24/7/365.  Contact us for your storm clean up in the Dallas Texas area. 

Garage Storm Damage

SERVPRO responded to this home to find water standing in this Texas garage.  The team begin to pack up belongings to clear the flooring for drying.  Air movers were put down to dry the garage floor quickly and return to normal conditions. 

Hallway Fire Damage

The fire got in the ceiling of this home and the firefighters had to seek out where it was located. To find the fire they caved in the ceiling and all the insulation dropped onto the floor. What a mess!

Board up after House Fire

This Texas home suffered from an exterior fire.  SERVPRO responded and quickly began fire clean up procedures. The exterior was boarded up to ensure home was safe awaiting rebuild.  For your fire restoration needs contact SERVPRO anytime 24/7. 

Commercial Mold Loss

After a water main break in this commercial building in Preston Ridge, SERVPRO responded and mold was found under the carpet and baseboard.  The carpet and baseboards were removed for quick drying and treated professionally to remove the mold. 

Content Cleaning After Fire

If the contents of your home have been damaged by fire, you might think they are a total loss. However, in a lot of cases, SERVPRO can restore your contents to their preloss condition.

Smoke Damage

In order to deal with smoke damage in your home, anything that can be cleaned must be cleaned. This includes bedding, clothing, walls, furniture, and carpet. If you have smoke damage in your home, call SERVPRO!

Types Of Damage After A Fire

If your home is damaged by fire, the results can be devastating. You may find yourself with soot, debris, smoke damage, and possibly even water from firefighting efforts left over after the fire. SERVPRO can help with all of it, just give us a call!

Mold Growth Caused By Moisture

Mold spores are in every home, but they are not able to be seen by the naked eye. What causes the visible mold is the presence of moisture, which encourages the mold to begin growing.

Cabinet Full Of Mold

Our team was called to this home in Far North Dallas to take care of a mold problem that was caused by a leak at the sink. The surrounding cabinets became wet and the mold you see here began to grow.

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO responded immediately to begin mitigation from a pipe leak.  There was a significant amount of water in the floor.  The team began clean up procedures and were able to restore back to pre water conditions. 

Bedroom Closet water loss

After a severe storm hit in the area this home suffered from water damage from leaking roof.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began mitigation.  The flooring and baseboards were removed and air movers put down for quick drying. 

Finding Mold In Your Home

If you find mold in your home, it is a clue to a moisture issue you may not realize you have. In order to deal with the mold, the moisture problem must first be addressed.

Mold On Corner Of Wall

A moisture problem in this home caused by a water loss eventually resulted in the mold you see growing on the corner of this wall. If you find mold like this in your home, call us!

Removing Mold In The Kitchen

This kitchen in Bent Tree developed a mold problem due to a moisture issue that went unnoticed for a short time. Our team was called in to clean up and repair the damage. If your home suffers a mold loss like this, call us!

Using Drying Equipment

In this image, you can see some that we have brought drying equipment in to help speed up the drying process after this home suffered a water loss. We do this in order to prevent secondary damage, such as mold, from occurring. 

Ceiling Storm Damage

This home suffered from ceiling water leak.  There was significant amounts of water falling from the ceiling.  SERVPRO responded and was able to fix the leaking roof and ceiling and replace drywall on the ceiling. 

Commercial Pre Mitigation

This office space suffered from a water loss.  SERVPRO responded and began mitigation.  There was significant amount of water on the floor which the team was able to extract quickly preventing future damages. 

Flooring Mold Diaster

This floor suffered from Mold damage.  There was significant amount of mold growing under baseboards from moisture.  SERVPRO removed, cleaned, and treated professionally.  The floor was replaced and back to normal conditions. 

Commercial Equipment

SERVPRO is ready for any commercial restoration emergency.  We have professional drying and cleaning equipment for any type of loss.  Contact us anytime 24/7 for your restoration emergency needs. 

Commercial Restroom Damage

This commercial restroom in Far North Dallas suffered from a water loss. SERVPRO responded immediately to find significant amount of water on the floor.  They quickly extracted the water and removed baseboards to dry the floor and drywall quick.

How do you know if you have roof damage?

Water will start to find its way through your attic and into the home by "the path of least resistance", as they say. This home had water coming through their HVAC vents after rain storms hit the Dallas, TX, area.

What is black mold?

Black mold is doesn't necessarily mean it is the strain of stachybotrys, the well known black mold. There are many types of mold that are black as well. In fact, stachybotrys can come in a dark green color.

What is "in place drying?"

When the water that has intruded into your home is from a clean water source then we can use "in place drying." We use a weighted extractor to remove deep water in the carpet and pad.

Dressed For The Job

Our team is always equipped to handle whatever happens. In this image, you can see one of our technicians wearing the proper personal protective equipment. If you have a disaster, we are ready. Just give us a call!

Water Loss Cleanup

When we arrive at your home or business after a water loss, you may see us using equipment like you see pictured here. This is to help the moisture evaporate quickly in order to prevent secondary damage.

Performing Wet Check

When we come to your home, we will use every piece of equipment we need to make sure that no moisture goes unaddressed. Tools like this help us find moisture you may not be able to see so that we can take care of the problem.

Using Drying Equipment To Prevent Further Damage

If you have a water loss in your home and it isn't dealt with quickly, secondary issues such as mold can begin to develop. That's why we often use equipment like this to help with the drying process.

Dallas, TX Commercial Building Flooding

Flooding is a common occurrence in Dallas, TX. SERVPRO of Bent Tree can respond fast to your damaged property. We'll have your building extracted of the water and drying in no time. Call us at (972) 386-3808.

Mold Damage in Dallas, TX

When there is mold in your home it is important to call the experts of SERVPRO of Bent Tree. Our technicians are trained on the eradication of mold without having spores migrate to other areas of the home.

HERO Ready!

SERVPRO of Bent Tree is HERO Ready! The training center for SERVPRO Corporate is located in Tennessee. SERVPRO of Bent Tree technicians can go there to receive training on the Fire Restoration Process.

Water Damage

Hardwood floors restored using tenting, heat, and dehumidification. There is no need to remove a wood floor if it can be dried and restored for a fraction of the cost. Call SERVPRO of Bent Tree for help (972) 386-3808.

SERVPRO of Bent Tree

SERVPRO of Bent Tree has a warehouse full of equipment. Having enough equipment means being ready for a disaster. When there is a lot of flooding in the Dallas area SERVPRO of Bent Tree will be Here to Help.

SERVPRO of Bent Tree

SERVPRO of Bent Tree uses bright Green and Orange when responding to a water loss. We also background check all of our employees and they will be in uniform. You will not have to worry about a stranger working on your home when you call SERVPRO.