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Removing mold from your home

The trick with mold is making sure the spores do not spread into the uncontaminated areas of the home. We can assure this by building a containment around the v... READ MORE

Flooded flooring in Bent Tree

The water that flooded this home came from a broken pipe. There are different ways to clean up water damages depending on where the water originates from. A bro... READ MORE

How does drying equipment help get things dry?

After a home or business has had a broken supply line or other water intrusion it will migrate and move as far as it can go. The migration is helped by the buil... READ MORE

We get the job done

Water will damage your home in many ways. It will damage flooring, baseboards, walls, and furniture. Removing all of the damaged items from the room is importan... READ MORE

Restoring your home to its former glory

Each and every water mitigation has its own challenges. We as a team here at SERVPRO of Bent Tree work hard to make sure that these challenges remain our priori... READ MORE

Cleaning up after disaster

Arriving at a home after the homeowner has had water or fire damage is very stressful. When we arrive on site we try to make the customer feel comfortable with ... READ MORE

Drying Water With Drying Equipment

Anytime you have a water loss in your home or business, you run the risk of developing secondary damage if the moisture isn't dealt with within 24 to 48 hours. ... READ MORE

Heavy Water Loss

Severe flooding from a broken pipe caused this structure to heavily damaged. When our team arrived, there was standing water throughout. Our first priority was ... READ MORE

Flooring Removal And Drying

After this home experienced a stormwater intrusion that left this flooring soaked, we had to remove some of the flooring to dry it underneath. When we have to r... READ MORE

Flooding From Storm

We responded quickly to the call to this home after it was damaged by flooding from a storm that impacted our area. When we arrived, we began by extracting the ... READ MORE